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  Port a Cool Cyclone 2000 Outdoor Cooler Product Action and Activities

Port-A-Cool Cyclone 2000 outdoor air cooler functions an original centrifugal air distribution program, eliminate fan knife and reducing disturbance, but without power. The little program actions just 31 inches wide comprehensive extensive high by 25 inches wide comprehensive extensive strong and 24 inches wide comprehensive extensive comprehensive, the particular Port-A-Cool A program yet. This outdoor cooler may be little, but is a powerful 1600 CFM air distribution that cools down up to 500 sq ft of clear space.

Just like all Port-A-Cool Outdoor air coolers styles, Cyclone 2000 outdoor cooler is done of durable, destruction and leak-proof polyethylene unpleasant, needs very little servicing, providing simple function. Just finish the package with the h2o, use it and feel the awesome air. Outdoor air cooler decreases the warm range up to 30? F. using just frequent the tap water and 220v of your.

You’ll find Port-A-Cool outdoor cooler is ideal for little classes, landscapes, verandas, automobile fix clefs’ personal chilling, discuss and gym places, or anywhere traditional air methods of training are ineffective or cost prohibitive.

Also description Port-A-Cool Cyclone 2000 Evaporative Air Cooler Features and Benefits:

Compact and portable Durable one-piece shaped plastic polyethylene housing 3/4′ hose connection supplies water Evaporative chilly – cools down the air with h2o Highly effective centrifugal air delivery system no fan blades The Port-A-Cool Cyclone 2000 is a small and robust evaporative chilly that can keep you awesome in shops car ports and work areas. Cools 500 sq ft. Also features adjustable louvers and operates for a fraction of the cost of an outdoor air conditioner.

Above mention product easy to Maintain

Easy to carrying

Easy to operate

Smooth service

Every part, part open then is fitting.

Easley   move any place to place

Square port a cool cyclone per corner smooth wheel so easy moving

High standard feature

The Outdoor Air cooler has a package configuration which allows cooling for 4-5 time without hose connection.

The outdoor cooler is a two speed unit and is great for small areas and identifies chilling needs.

Although originally designed for the home user, it is still highly effective enough to handle many identify chilling specifications in bigger programs.

Port-A-Cool’s effective one piece polyethylene spinning molded real estate removes any water leaks and is deterioration evidence.

It can be personally loaded or linked to a conventional water hose and has an auto turned off drift device.

Front online louvers come fixed as a conventional function.

With simple installation and extremely low running costs, the Outdoor cooling machine is perfect for backyards, garden sheds, and car ports or even in the house.

Centrifugal Air Supply,

1/3 h.p. Two-Speed Motor

Cools 500 sq. ft.

  • Adjustable Louvers
  • Quieter Running Centrifugal Fan
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Lowers temperatures up to 10 degrees C
  • Energy efficient 2.5 amps for pump and motor
  • Water level sight tube and sump drain
  • 3/4” garden hose connection for longer running
  • Durable one-piece, rust-free, leak-proof molded polyethylene housing
  • Environmentally friendly efficient and effective resource use
  • Cools for a fraction of the cost of air conditioning
  • Cools without chemicals or refrigerants
  • Long-term dependability—near maintenance-free operation
  • Shipped completely assembled— ready to operate out of the box

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Air Coolers | Rental Service within Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Air coolers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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Air coolers uses a type of mechanism that cools air through desertion of water. It is also known as swamp cooler, desert cooler and wet air cooler.

To keep our indoor atmosphere chill and comfortable during temperate summer months is annoying and frequently expensive.  Purchasing swamp coolers are eco-friendly, healthy, and cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning systems.

During Dubai hot summer when water evaporates from the surface of ocean, river or something, the surface becomes extremely cooler because it requires heat to change the liquid into a vapor. A gentle wind on a hot day cools us because the present of air makes evaporate quickly. The temperature needed for this evaporation is taken from our own body.

Air comes in contact with water and it is absorbed. The sum of water is absorbed; it depends mainly on how much water is by now in the air. If the air holds 50% of its capability, the moisture would be 50%. If the humidity is low, then the capacity to hold more water is elevated, and a greater amount of evaporation takes place.

Outdoor coolers are a perfect solution for keeping cool without harming our surroundings. Traditional Portable air conditioner uses refrigeration function to cool your home. Swamp coolers have a natural string that cools the air using a motion movement and stream. This process never adds ozone-harming prescription or other chemicals to the atmosphere.

More specifically, Misting fans gives its best performance when fresh air exists, as an example, from an open pane or an entrance. Traditional air conditioners require a sealed space to maneuver. But swamp coolers circulation ensures that your indoor air is fresher than AC.

To get the most excellent outcome from your evaporative Air cooler, you have to make sure about the correct size of your room. Too small cooler for your area will have to work extra hard to keep the space cool, that is totally wasting of energy.

Usually, residential and industrial evaporative Air coolers use direct evaporation.  Air is stimulated by a centrifugal fan or blower, driven by an electric motor and a water pump is used to wet the evaporative cooling pads. The cooling units can be mounted on the roof or outside walls or windows of buildings. Heat in the air evaporates water from the pads which are continuously re-dampened to continue the cooling process. Then cooled, humid air is delivered into the building via a vent in the roof or wall.

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