Misting Fans Rental in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

We offer wide range of misting fans rental service for Dubai and Abu Dhabi Customers.

Our Misting fans rental service includes free delivery, installation and collection.

Misting Fan rental in Dubai

Misting Fan rental in Dubai

Wall mount water spray fogging misting fans dubai

Wall mount water spray fogging misting fans Dubai

Misting Fans Rental Benefits

Of course like any other temperature controlling or cooling system, the effectiveness of a misting system will rely on the temperature it is functioning in, humidity and the air exchange rate. 

With low humidity and high temperatures the misting fans will be extremely effective in outdoors. Since outdoor areas anyways have a constant fresh air around so the exchange of air is better and fresh air is cooled without increase in humidity. The basic rule of all cooling systems is that the more moisture evaporated, the more the cooling and effectiveness of the cooling system. 

The mist created by misting fans has the least moisture and upon touching a surface, it evaporates. This is the reason why if you stand in front of a misting fan, it feels the same as a foggy morning and cool breeze. The water used in misting fans is checked and filtered properly for impurities and pollution. The mist, like morning dew, builds up in cold places and surfaces, but will not  stick to skin.  

The quantity of water used in misting fans varies from one to two gallons per hour. So it is imperative that while planning to use misting fans in outdoor settings you have enough water stored. You wouldn’t want your guests feeling like a foggy morning to scorching humidity, would you?  

Misting fans are your best option for a cool summer. Some may even argue that they are better than air conditioners since air conditioners require an enclosed space for their effective cooling. There’s no one stopping you from using a misting fan even in indoor areas! However, you must make sure that the area has a good exchange of air since the mist could cause water formation on places and surfaces near the misting fan.  

Since most misting fans work on electricity and also require water for the cooling, it is very important for you to follow the manual instructions carefully and take all necessary precautions while working with electricity and water both.  

If you follow the instructions carefully and maintain your misting fan properly, it’s definitely bound to keep you cool for a long summer!  


Other advantages of renting outside Misting fan and Cooling fans:

  • Uses Fresh Air only.
  • Portable air lovers are really mobile and easy to deal with, making a small footprint
  • Self Involved designs do not need a long-lasting the water source
  • Very quiet when working.
  • Fans attack brought up dry apply away from floor and oscillate for better air distribution
  • Very power efficient
  • Attractive and non-obtrusive style.

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