The Magic of the Misting Fans

Ever wondered how in outdoor events and areas, the white, cloudy mist keeps you cool? Find out here! 

outdoor cooling - mist UAE

To solve the problems of humidity and heat in outdoor areas and events like parties, conferences etc. misting fans were inducted in the outdoor cooling portfolio. While portable fans and coolers do the job of giving the instant rush of wind, misting fans do a little more than just that. 

Misting fans are a popular choice of outdoor cooling these days. Not only do they perform the rudimentary function of giving the blow of wind, but also reduce the outdoor temperatures by 40 degrees Fahrenheit along with giving cool air. You may question that since misting fans work with water, wouldn’t there be an increased humidity? 

Well, the answer to that is no. Why and how? Let’s find out how misting fans work. 

In misting fans, water droplets as tiny as 5 microns in diameter are produced at 1000 PSI. At this point a concept known as ‘flash evaporation’ takes place, which reduces the temperature of the area around where it is placed. This ‘Thermal Dynamics’ process is at work because 1 gram of water requires 600 calories of heat to evaporate. When this transaction of energy takes place, it results in reduction of temperature and eventually, cooling. 


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