Misting Systems and fogging water mist fans

Misting system Dubai

Misting System

Misting Systems for Efficient and Affordable Cooling in Dubai

The initial feature that identifies Misting system is the perfect droplets they produce. It is the finesses of these drops that distinguishes Misting from other types of water use and makes this process so helpful for a full range of application.

Mist droplets commonly range between 30 microns to 80 microns in diameter. Some firms advise that even 10micron droplets can be considered as mist. What truly matters is that the droplet sizes produced by the misting system are matched to the needs of each unique application. In order to get perfect evaporative chilling droplets must fade away as quickly as easy.

It is the mass of the droplets that change the tempo at which they evaporate. Under general conditions, little droplets evaporate an amazing deal than big droplets.

Therefore the efficiency of Misting system is very much affected by the size of the droplets they produce.

Big Components of Misting System

The big components are the filters, pressure pump, fittings, tubing or piping, and nozzles. A pressure pump must be sized according to the output flow rate generated by the amount of nozzles within a system.

Under sizing may problem the pump in the long run while oversizing can include to the cost of a system and lead to issues with heat dissipation. Microfiltration is of supreme importance to stop nozzle blockages and decrease overall maintenance.

Misting System: humidity & temperature

Humidity or temperature or both can be used as an input to manage a Misting system. Piping should perfectly be rated to three times the operating force of the system for safety objectives. All fittings should be non-corroding and nozzles must be selected for the standard of the mist they produce.

Misting System Types

There are three general types of misting systems available on the market today; mid pressure, low pressure, and high pressure. Low-pressure systems are more generally used in gardening, agriculture and for local purposes.

  1. Low-pressure systems (2BAR -6BAR) are commonly much affordable and produce inferior but nonetheless suitable results.
  2.  Mid pressure systems (10BAR- 25BAR) are used largely in agricultural where more power over results are needed while still getting a little capital outlay.
  3. Top force misting systems (60BAR -120BAR) are high of the series and generate amazing outcomes in most situations. Top force systems are best by many and are most expensive due to the power of the stuff that must be utilized in order to withstand the high forces at which the systems operate.