PERFECT WIND ECO water Mist fogging, fogging water misting fans to cool bars, restaurants, hotels, outdoor cooling Dubai

Outdoor cooling

Kit complete Misting, fogging fans for bars, outdoor cooling, restaurants, hotels, etc.


Easy to install

Perfect Wind is the solution adopted by most modern public venues for the best conditions both indoors and outdoors. Perfect Wind is customizable thanks to a wide range of accessories.

Powerful and effective

Perfect VENTO is the most powerful and efficient system for lowering the temperature and can also be used with high relative humidity.
Micro-nebulized water is propelled by Mist Fan 18, guaranteeing swift air exchange and excellent cooling.

Perfect VENTO kits
It comes complete with everything needed for installation.
Our fog modules selected components are specifically designed for fogging systems, and featuring extremely sophisticated.

Multiple applications
Perfect VENTO can be used both outdoors and indoors, in spaces such as warehouses, factories, exhibition stands, events, bars, clubs, plazas, theme parks, etc..
Perfect Wind uses the new “Mist Fan 18” with its exclusive design and quiet.
The excellent concentration and pressure of the airflow, the compact dimensions, and the neutral color let it integrate easily into the environment where it is installed.

Technical features

  • Frame in galvanized steel with plastic cover.
  • Electric from 1420 rev/min, 230 V-50 Hz with axial pump with 2 pistons.
  • Thermal protection against the current surge.
  • Integrated digital timer, pause/work, manual or automatic, with programming for 24 hours.
  • valve bypass.
  • Lp pressure switch for lack of water.
  • Automatic Drip.
  • Water filter Cleanable

Not wet

It reduces the temperature in

Keeps away mosquitoes

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