Humidification perfect for your fresh food products in Dubai

PERFECT FOOD HUMI humidification … no worries!

Today you can offer your customers fresh products that look freshly picked from the field, thanks to HUMI PERFECT FOOD, the humidification system for sales counters (fruit, vegetables, meat, fish) that prevents dehydration of vegetables and fruits, but also the meat, fish, cheese …
The fresh foods undergo, due to dehydration, a loss of considerable weight: the vegetables from 15 to 58%, meat 15%, fish 12%, cheese 7%. The economic damage that follows is really relevant.
PERFECT FOOD HUMI offers outstanding benefits to retailers: reducing weight loss products mentioned up to 90% and extending freshness up to 72 hours, increases turnover and minimizes losses related to Sector and fresh produce.
On the contrary, the products properly humidified seem freshly picked (wet surfaces and fresh), crunchy (solids and transparencies) and fresh (bright colors). The benefit of rehydration greatly increases if the product is humidified soon after harvesting.
Benches fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, fridge, islands exhibition not chilled, cold storage, warehouses, are characterized by low humidity (50/60%). This causes rapid deterioration of most fruit and vegetables, which become limp, lose weight, change color and take a look uninviting.
To keep it as long as possible the right humidity, both during exposure during storage in the pews fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, fridge, islands exhibition not chilled, cold storage, warehouses, Perfect Cool has developed PERFECT HUMI FOOD, a humidification system automatic characterized by great versatility and management costs extremely reduced.

The modern supermarkets always put in more evidence departments of vegetables and fruit. The range of products, the correct path, lighting, presentation and quality improvement are important elements in the acquisition results.

It is shown that the decision to buy from one shop instead of another is often taken on the basis of the image, freshness, and price of products.

The dehydrated products cloud the image of freshness and compromise good sales conversely products with proper humidification are much more inviting.

PERFECT FOOD HUMI allows a significant reduction in labor costs: the staff does not have to worry about wetting products, or moving them in other environments.

SAVING AN OBVIOUS …An example of how much you can save with PERFECT HUMI FOOD:
we look at the produce section of a supermarket.
– Daily sales: € 500
– Losses without HUMI PERFECT FOOD, for weight loss or deterioration 8%: € 40
– Losses with HUMI PERFECT FOOD, for weight loss or deterioration 4%: € 20
– Savings Daily: € 20
– Annual savings: € 20 x 300 days. working = € 6,000.00
PERFECT FOOD HUMI system is managed by a cyclic timer set on different standards intermittently (ideal emission: 4 sec. Every 10-15 min.). The water consumption for a medium system
(40 nozzles) is 40/60 liters every 24 hours. The consumption of electricity is very low.


The tap water is filtered and fed into a pump module that pressurizes to a pressure of 20-60bar; pressurized water is channeled through tubes, steel or polyamide of extremely small size (9-12mm) and flows out through special nozzles that atomizzeranno into particles of 10-20 microns. The fine mist would not cause any problem to the customer that you will find under the jet, and will form a thin layer of micronized water on products that will protect them and rehydrate, prolonging freshness and enhancing the appearance.

The versatility of the system enables us to adapt to all the types of exposure: benches vertical, horizontal, islands, etc., And in the sector of warehouses to create zones with controlled humidity in simple and economical manner.
Maintenance is reduced to a minimum, and this allows very low management costs.

  • In warehouses of fruit and vegetable processing and resale
  • In refrigerated display units
  • Fruit and vegetables in the islands

The following graphs compare refrigerated environments at 5 ° C, not wetted, with humidified environment.

It ‘important to note that the graphs refer to products that are at the perfect level of humidification, which is not always true because the fresh produce along the supply chain suffers a drastic drop of moisture.

PERFECT FOOD HUMI will rehydrate perfectly, then the advantage that we get will be far greater than that shown in the graphs.

The humidification … without thoughts!

If you decide to use PERFECT FOOD HUMI in your store, the Perfect Cool will design the more functional plant, to their optimal installation, maintenance, to ensure the full benefits of humidification, with safety results and maximum comfort management.

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