Water Mist Dust Suppression and Odor Control Dubai

Water Mist Dust Suppression and Odor Control in Dubai

DUST Spraying With Water

Dust suppression system



  • Cave of brick material;
  • Landfills;
  • Extractive industries;
  • Cement;
  • Industrial sites where you have to work with dusty materials, manufacturing wooden materials, grain silos
    Building construction sites.
  • Building construction sites.


  • dust suppression 10 pm
  • low cost of maintenance and operation
  • expandable and flexible systems
  • lowering the temperature in the hot months.







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PROBLEM dust suspended The airborne dust caused by machining or moving materials are a serious problem for the health of the staff and the efficiency of machinery Perfect Cool fogging systems are extremely effective and economical in breaking down the dust particles suspended PM 10 and smaller.


The heart of the system is constituted by our Modules Fog , expressly designed, to carry the ‘water supply at a pressure of 60-70 bars which is filtered and fed into steel pipes and/or polyamide, and subsequently micronized through special nozzles. The tiny droplets of water, 10 microns, produced by systems attract dust particles and precipitate, the minimum amount of water (4.5 liters/hour for each point of emission) emitted allows a reduction of airborne dust minimizing the ‘wet lookIt ‘is important that the system works at high pressure and produces water droplets of the size of 10 microns, this because the more the drops are small and have a greater capacity to pick up dust particles. A careful design of the system:

  • the positioning of the nozzles,
  • and system design,

will ensure a good result with operating costs extremely reduced.

The flexibility of our systems allows us to install the lines at any point, whether they are conveyor belts, landfills, collection tanks, etc.,

We can also dissect plants to serve different situations with a single fog module.

The dust suppression system can be easily integrated with devices for odor abatement, a metering pump in the circuit will enter the product to neutralize odors.

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